How can I find a team to collaborate with?

The Affordable Credit Challenge supports partnerships between UK community lenders and fintechs to develop innovative technological solutions that will increase access to affordable, responsible credit.  

If you’re interested in applying to the Challenge and finding a fintech or community lender to partner with, we may be able to make introductions. In addition, you can join our Slack group to meet like-minded partners.

We have also set up a dedicated GetFaces page for the Affordable Credit Challenge. This is an online directory of organisations that have registered interest in the Challenge and are looking for a partner. We encourage you to create a profile, whether you are a fintech or community lender. This should only take about five minutes. 

Set up an Affordable Credit Challenge profile.

Browse our directory and connect with potential partners.

How do we build a successful partnership?

Strong partnerships require a shared understanding of the problems they are trying to solve. The slidedeck below aims to help you by providing an overview of the context to the Challenge. For instance, by highlighting key stakeholders in this space and providing suggestions for further reading.

Nesta has also developed resources specifically to assist new partnerships. Community lenders and fintechs applying to the Affordable Credit Challenge can use these resources to help get their collaboration off to a good start.

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